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Reflex Acoustics

Reflex Dynamic Range Meter

Reflex Dynamic Range Meter

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Monitor your dynamic range across the frequency spectrum.

The Reflex Dynamic Range Meter helps you visualize the dynamics in your signal, by showing the real-time loudness distribution of grains of sound.

The spectrum is also broken up into eight frequency bands, each with its own analysis display.



  • Loudness distribution of 33ms grains over the last 3 or 15 seconds, charted relative to mean loudness
  • "Stats" view shows colored bars for Peak (green), 90th percentile (blue), 10th percentile (pink) and Low (red)
  • Scrolling waveform display with freeze option and adjustable brightness
  • "Pulse" view shows loudness vs. time, in sync with project tempo
  • Mid and Side modes, and a display of side level relative to mid for each frequency band
  • LUFS meter showing short-term (i.e. 3-second trailing) perceived loudness
  • Adjustable GUI size (S, M & L buttons)
  • Ability to solo one or more frequency bands by clicking display
  • Perfect-reconstruction band separation filters

Technical notes

  • Available in VST3 format for PC, and VST3 & AU formats for Mac. AAX support coming soon
  • Requires a compatible Digital Audio Workstation or other plugin host
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