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Multiband without the micromanagement.

QuadMaster is an automatic multiband compressor with subtle gating and saturation on each band. It's quick to configure, and can already add clarity and dynamics to material while still on its default settings.

Traditional multiband compressors usually require the user to manually dial in an appropriate threshold and make-up gain setting for each band before hearing an equal-loudness result. For a four-band, mid-side device, that would be 16 or more controls requiring calibration.

QuadMaster not only handles the tedious part automatically, but it stays tuned even as your material gets louder and quieter.


  • Four frequency bands, with solo ("S") button for each
  • Automatic threshold—use the "Compression" knobs to control how far the threshold rides below the peaks in your signal
  • Variable compressor attack timing on each band (double-click the gain reduction display to activate attack controls)
  • Variable global release time
  • Simple multiband gate with adjustable range up to 6dB
  • Subtle multiband saturation with automatic gain-staging on each band (oversampled if project sample rate is below 80kHz)
  • Parallel processing via dual gain-matched dry/wet mix controls for dynamics and saturation
  • Automatic make-up gain to match perceived loudness
  • Mid-side processing (100% unlinked)
  • Adjustable crossover frequencies

How to use

  • Set the Release time to best match the groove of your material
  • To enhance transients and ambience, turn up the Compression dials, but avoid choking off any sustained tones
  • If needed, adjust the crossovers by clicking and dragging on the frequencies above the gain reduction display
  • Click the gain reduction display for instant A/B test (still uses CPU as if plugin activated)
  • Double-click to reset a dial to its default value, or hold <CTRL>/<CMD> to fine-tune
  • Use QuadMaster on your master bus or wherever else it's needed

Technical notes

  • Available in VST3 format for PC, and VST3 & AU formats for Mac. AAX support coming soon
  • Requires a compatible Ditigal Audio Workstation or other plugin host
  • 4-14ms latency from perfect-reconstruction crossover filters (depending on lowest crossover frequency)
  • No external sidechain capability
  • Plugin is designed for common audio signals such as music and voice; may not react meaningfully to artificial test signals such as chirps, impulses or bursts

Please download and evaluate the free demo version of QuadMaster before purchasing, as we don’t offer refunds. Demo version here.

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