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Reflex Acoustics

Free Release

Free Release

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Our latest release is free!

It's a single-knob master bus sweetener effect that uses dynamics, waveshaping and early reflections to make your music sound clearer and more up-front.

Turn up your listening volume to hear this subtle effect more easily. Click the display for instant A/B test (bypass mode still uses CPU as if the plugin is active).

This is a CPU-intensive device—but because it's loudness-matched and largely EQ-neutral, you can deactivate it when not needed (using the controls in your DAW) without disrupting your gain-staging or sonic balance.


Technical notes

  • Available in VST3 format for PC, and VST3 & AU formats for Mac. AAX support coming soon
  • Requires a compatible Digital Audio Workstation or other plugin host
  • 15-19ms latency, depending on project sample rate

Free Release is a conjunction of three paid plugins from Reflex Acoustics—Proximity Encoder, PlugMaster and Automatic Dynamic—all on their default settings. If you like the sound of Free Release and you want more control, check out these other devices.

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